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The Au Sable River is a unique system with multiple species of trout to catch. The dominate trout being large brown trout with the upper systems having good numbers of rainbow trout and native brook trout. We use many differnet techniques in catching these beautiful trout throught the different seasons of the year. August through may is the time to pull out the sink tip lines and streamer fish for large brown trout. The summer months offer world class dry fly fishing for all the species of trout and opens up lots of water to explore.


The steelhead season starts on the Au Sable in late October and goes through mid May depending on the weather and water flows. The most effective way is indicator fishing or swinging streamers. The Au Sable’s steelhead fishery has really rebounded in the past 5 years and looks bright for the future


Salmon Typically start running in the Betsie River the first or second week of August and can run into late October depending on how big the run of fish is for that year. These fish range between 10-25lbs and are a great fight on a 8wt fly rod

Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth Bass pound for pound are one of the hardest fighthing fish in freshwater. We start targeting smallies in late April with streamers and progess to top water and dry flies throughout the summer months. This is a great way to learn to fly fish.


Carp start showing upn the sand flats of Lake Huron typically in early May and stay in throught the summer. If you want to expericnce the hardest fighting fish we target on a fly rod this fish is for you. They Typically range between 8-20lbs with the larger fish pushing 30lbs. This is one of my favorite fish to catch.

Shoreline Of lake Huron

When the water temps start to cool off in Lake Huron the big trout start to move in and chase baitfish on the shorelines of Lake Huron. Which offers a unique chance to catch world class Lake Trout,Brown Trout and Atlantic Salmon. We start fishing the shorelines in late october and fish until the lake freezes over usually in late December. Once the long winter is done and the lakes start to thaw we head out and target these big fish in the spring.