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Guided Float Trips

  • Full-Day: Full day trips typically last 8-10 hours. This includes grilled shore lunch,drinks,flies and all the equipment needed to enjoy your day.

  • Half-Day: These trips last 4-6 hours and are great for 1st time fly fisherman or anyone looking to get out on a cold day for a few hours.

  • Walkin Trips: If you are looking to chase carp/smallies on the shores of lake huron or trophy trout on smaller rivers and streams in northern michigan this is the trip for you. These trips usually last 3-6 hours.

  • Group Trips: We do offer multiboat trips for larger groups. Ask to get more info.


• Full Day Trout/Steelhead/Bass
•$450   2 Anglers
•$350   1 Angler

Half Day Trout/Steelhead/Bass
•$300    2 Anglers
•$250    1 Angler

Walk in Trips  Lake Huron Carp/Bass
•$300  2 Anglers
• 250    1 Angler