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  Au Sable River   5/12/19

This spring has been one of the best streamer seasons that I can recall! With the high flows we had and the constant water temps it was a special season. 6”-8” streamers work best with 300-400 grain sink tip lines. Dry fly season is here and we couldn’t be more excited for the change in fishing. Sight fishing trophy brown trout has to be one of my favorite ways to take a trout! The Hendrickson Hatch is going strong on all stretches of the Au Sable. These next 2 weeks will be ideal dry fly fishing. We hope to see you out there!

  Arkansas White River  1/25/19

This is the year of the highwater on the White River. Streamer fishing has been fantastic the past two weeks and should continue to fish good throughout mid to late February. The average flows have been between 12,000- 20,000 CFS, which is prime water to throw streamers on the White. We have been landing 6-10 fish a day, some days many more, ranging between 18”-25” with a few chances a day at Big Trout. We would like to thank everyone that fished with us so far this season. We do have a few dates open if anyone is interested in coming down and hunting down a Big Brown. Contact us for details!

  Au Sable River   6/26/18

The hex hatch has been nothing but spectacular these past two weeks! We’ve had great hatches on all branches of the Au Sable, which allows us to fish well into the morning hours. With this type of hatch it can be tough to get a trout to take your fly. When encountering situations like these, try using a larger fly so your pattern sticks out. We were able to stick some big fish this past week using this method. With the warmer temperatures in the forecast please watch the water temperatures. You should not fish any water that is over 70°F.
  Au Sable River  6/15/17

Hex & Brown Drakes that’s what’s happening on the Au Sable these past 2 weeks. Drakes are a funny bug to follow. When you think you finally have them figured out they don’t show up. That’s been the game of late. Hit or miss. Finally the month of the giant browns is here. The hex hatch has started on all branches of the Au Sable and should continue into early July. Clients have landed several nice fish the last 3 nights and should continue to improve. Mouse fishing has also been improving of late. Don’t be afraid to fling a mouse out after the hatch. Lots of big fish are looking up. Water temps are almost to 70 degrees and that means Stop Trout Fishing. The stress and heat of water can and will kill fish. Good luck these next few weeks.
  Au Sable River   5/17/17

These past 2 weeks have been stellar with lots of big browns landed on all branches of the Au Sable. This is has been a spring to remember. It went from the worst Hendrickson hatch to the best in a matter of days. With lots of bugs hatching on the Au Sable it’s crucial to carry a few different bugs. Dark Hendrickson, light Hendrickson, march browns,mahoganies light Cahill, Sulphur’s, caddis. They recently planted rainbows and Browns so don’t  be afraid to throw streamers with this high water and water temps still in the low 60’s big fish will be willing to eat!! We are only a few weeks out from Brown Drakes. Night-time dry fly fishing is almost here and we couldn’t be more excited.

Finally the wait is over and our favorite hatch has arrived. Dark Hendrickson’s are the first bug on the Au Sable that big fish feed on the surface.  This past week has been hit or miss! With water levels rising and water temps falling at night fish have been lethargic of late. We managed to land a few nice browns on good emergences in the late afternoon. There is nothing more frustrating as a fly fisherman to float down in a blanket hatch of bugs with no fish feeding. That was our luck all week. These next few weeks should be stellar with warmer weather in the long range forecast.  Good luck and tight lines.
Spring steelhead is finally here!! 
There are lots of beautiful chrome fish moving into the lower Au Sable these past 2 weeks. With water levels and water temps rising lots of fresh fish will be moving up to stage in deep runs and holes before hitting the gravel. Hex Nymphs,Black Stones, Cluster Eggs, and beads have worked best of late. We had a few great days of late landing 5 nice fish on Saturday. We have a few days open before we hit the upper river for spring streamer season.
Au Sable River Fishing Report 3/16/17
Streamer Fishing

Spring is almost here and streamer fishing continues to produce on all branches of the Au Sable. With this weeks warmer weather fishing should be ideal. We do have a few dates open for this spring. If your looking to catch big browns spring is the time!

  2/28/17   White River Arkansas 

It was another successful 2017 on the White & Norfork rivers. Tanner and I would like to thank everyone that came down and fished with us this spring. This past week was one to remember. With several big fish landed this year, there was one fish that stuck out most. Tanners 34″monster on a mouse fly was by far the most memorable trout I’ve ever been apart of. This is why we come to Arkansas to catch a fish of a lifetime. You are truly only one cast away from a fish of this caliber. 2018 is going to be a another great year. Dates are starting to book up. We do have a few key weeks open. Contact us for details.
Tight lines
White River Fishing Report 2/14/17

Day Time
With the low flows coming out of BullShoals, we have been successful on nymphs and small streamers. Fish have been averaging 12-16″ with 18-20″ fish mixed in as well. We have gotten a few 20″+ in the low flows but it has been hard work in low flows. The Norfork Dam has been generating water on almost a daily basis. With a more predictable flow chart we have been streamer fishing there a lot more this year. Lots of 12-18″ rainbow and cutthroat trout, with a few chances at every float at a 22″ Browns or bigger.

Night Time
Over the last week night time fishing has been hit or miss. On a average night we have had to work hard for our few nice fish. The night game should continue to improve and look for longer bite windows in the up coming weeks. We are looking forward to exploring and fun fishing the next 2 days. #youneverknow.
White River Report 2/4/17
 When Bull Shoals dam is generating 6000-12000cfs fishing has been good, having several bite windows throughout the day. Average size has been been 17-22″ with chances at fish 24″+ everyday. Fishing has also been good in low water. Nymphs and small streamers have been working great. Great number of fish can be caught but smaller in size on average than throwing big streamers in high water.
Night fishing
 Mousing has been very consistent, having several chances at fish each night. We have fished hard during the night and had an unbelievable night landing 3 fish 26″+ and several 18-24″ fish between 3 boats. If you put your time in, you never know what you can hook into. YOU are truly one cast away from a fish of a lifetime.