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January through mid-March we are located on the White and Norfork River in the Ozarks of Northern Arkansas. We offer package deals including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, lodging, flies, and rods. If you’re just looking to get out for a few hours we also offer half-day and full-day float trips. The White River offers a wide variety of fishing from streamer fishing, nymph, and night fishing. The streamer fishing is best on the White/Norfork when Bull Shoals/Norfork Dam are generating power, which demands large amounts of water to be released from the reservoir above. This moves the fish to the banks and slower pocket water which is ideal for streamer fishing. The ideal flows are 8,000 CFS to 20,000 CFS. We are using 250 grain to 450 grain sink tip lines. When the generators aren’t running, the White and Norfork River offers world class nymph and night time fishing. Night time fishing starts just at dark and we float well into the morning. We cast mouse and streamer patterns depending on the flows. Some of our largest brown trout come during the night when the browns are most active. With the world’s largest river browns you’re just one cast away from the trout of your lifetime!